Cortex in Practice: Schedule Prediction Exports for ML-Powered Automation

Earlier this year, the Vidora product team announced the launch of prediction scheduling in Cortex. By setting up any Cortex pipeline to regenerate predictions on […]

How Anybody can Build a Predictive Customer Churn Model in Less Than One Day

Understanding the health of your customer base is critical information for any business. As a result, marketers are constantly looking for ways to effectively predict […]

First Party Data Look-Alike Modeling

Look-Alike modeling is a powerful method for expanding an existing dataset with known attributes. Increasingly, businesses are turning to Machine Learning (ML) in order to […]

Give your ML Pipelines a Boost with Custom Feature Engineering in Cortex

Vidora Cortex is the first and only Machine Learning platform which automates the entire Machine Learning (ML) Pipeline from start to finish, including feature cleaning […]

Introducing: Understandable ML

Vidora announced the launch of Understandable ML today (here is a link to the press release), providing unprecedented insight into complex machine learning models, and […]

ML in Practice: Predicting the Time of Day to Send a Newsletter

It’s generally agreed upon that machine learning is really good at making predictions with extensive data sets.  Humans just can’t sift through billions of data […]

Pipeline Performance Graphs Make ML Deployment Easier

Today Vidora launched a set of Pipeline Performance Graphs built on top of Cortex’s new Automated Pipeline Testing framework. Traditionally, ML performance metrics are too […]

Automate Your Business Initiatives with Scheduled Predictions

Wrangle a bunch of data together.  Then clean the data. Next, engineer an endless list of features. Then build, train, and tweak a machine learning […]

Audience Expansion in Minutes – Use Survey Data More Effectively With Cortex

Data is changing the game for marketers. In today’s age of ubiquitous digital content, customers are bombarded with generic marketing messages and advertisements everywhere they […]

Making Sense of Machine Learning Output With Probabilities

When it comes to classification models in machine learning, a common hurdle for many businesses is how to take what seem like arbitrary scores from […]

Introducing: Cortex’s ML Pipeline Management

Today, Vidora released ML Pipeline Management within Cortex, our self-service Machine Learning platform. As enterprise organizations increasingly deploy Cortex across their businesses, it’s important that […]

Open the Black Box of Machine Learning with Explainable ML

Machine learning. Everybody is either doing it or trying to get their data organized so they can start.  The list of use cases that ML […]

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