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Ask Cortex Questions to Automate & Optimize Your Business

Subscription Companies

“Find all users 75%+ likely to churn, and identify what new features should be sent to each in an email”
“Tell me when Jill is 90%+ likely to purchase new insurance, and whether to send her a push notification or an email”
“Tell me what landing page to show each trial user in order to maximize their probability of converting”

eCommerce Companies

“Show the top 10 product categories from a list of 10,000 to each mobile user in order to maximize purchases”
“Find all users 70%+ likely to purchase a product from our online store when sent an email”
“Generate a row of holiday products in the mobile UI for each user in order to maximize total spending”

Media Companies

“Find all Android users 80%+ likely to watch our newly syndicated TV show when sent a push notification”
“Of the following series, which should I syndicate in order to decrease churn most across my users?”
“Find the best series to send John in a push notification to maximize his chances of returning 3x + per month”

The largest global brands trust Vidora


“Cortex makes deploying AI simple, and is showing great results for us, helping us drive towards our strategic goals around revenue and engagement”

 -Kal Iyer
Chief Technology Officer, Fullscreen

“With Vidora’s Strategic AI platform and Cortex at our core, we’ve seen a dramatic boost in engagement and customer lifetime value”

 -Fidel Zawde
VP of Product & Marketing, MobiTV

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