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The Largest Global Brands Trust Vidora

Want the benefits of machine learning without the hassle?

  • Does it take too long to build models internally?
  • Don’t have resources to build in-house?
  • Can’t iterate and test models fast enought?
  • Want to turn your analytics into future predictions?
  • Want a risk free way to start machine learning?
  • Want ML models that are always up to date?

Our Partners See Results


Improvement in deployment time for a Real Estate Partner


Increase in email purchases for a Retail Partner


Reduction in subscriber churn for a Media Partner

No Code Solutions for Common Problems

Build pipelines that train common models with your real-time data, and automate their deployment without any code.


Predict the likelihood that a specific event will happen in a given time frame.

Look Alike

Collect items with similar attributes and behaviors to a specified set.


Group items by attributes and behaviors using a positive and negative set.


Predict the future value of an attribute using historical data.

ML pipelines work for the problems of your business and industry.

  • Customer churn
  • Customer upsells
  • Purchase propensity
  • Dynamic product pricing
  • Forecasting
  • Lead scoring
  • Next best action
  • And more…

Raw Event Data To Predictions 5x Faster

Spend less time wrestling with your data, and more time optimizing your business. By automating away the hardest part of ML, you have the ability to create more predictions and see value from ML quicker.

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Give Every Business Unit The Ability To Predict The Future

Currently creating, training, and deploying ML can be done only by technical teams building custom models. Vidora is opening up access to ML by giving every business unit, even non-technical teams, the ability to create their own predictions.

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ML Models That Are Always Up To Date

Avoid headaches with sophisticated infrastructure and constant maintenance, and give every team member, technical or not, the power to integrate ML predictions in minutes through customizable exports or APIs.

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News America Marketing

“News America Marketing is a data-driven organization. Cortex allows us to uncover the potential of our data by providing an easy to use framework for enabling machine learning. The simple UI of Cortex enables users of varying technical capabilities to leverage machine learning and drive innovation for our business.”

Director Growth & Innovation, News America Marketing

Our Promise to You

  • We’ll help you reduce the time it takes to deploy ML
  • We’ll match or exceed existing model performance
  • We’ll train anybody on your team to build ML pipelines
  • We’re available 24/7 to support and guide you