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Predict Future Behaviors

Use past data to predict what will happen in the future. Predict who will subscribe, purchase, churn, etc. Any event, or combination of events, that you are currently tracking can be predicted!

Predict User Attributes

Predict unknown user attributes, user segments, and build look-alike models. Use existing customer data to predict age, income, profession, and more with our Machine Learning Platform.

Predict User Conversions

Increasing user conversions is hard. Cortex predicts the best action to take for each user using techniques like Uplift Modeling to increase paywall conversions, offer conversions, and more.

Marketing and Product Teams Enhanced with Machine Learning

Machine Learning does not have to be hard or take long to implement. Cortex is purpose-built to enable marketers and product managers. Cortex integrates easily with existing workflows – specify data sources across multiple sources and transform those into predictions. All through a no-code interface.

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Continually Optimize Conversions and Engagement

Machine Learning continually adapts and learns over time for every user. Empower your team to unlock the value in existing data streams and increase conversions, transactions, engagement, customer loyalty, and more.

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End-to-End Automation

Now marketers and product managers can quickly create and deploy hundreds of live machine learning models. Cortex saves time and effort by automating the difficult data processes and tedious manual tasks associated with machine learning.

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“Vidora Cortex allows us to create predictive models with a fully automated pipeline. So it actually saves us a lot of time. We’re using that as our primary platform for creating these bespoke audience segments off our first party data … with a few clicks.”

Head of Data Technology at News Corp Australia

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