Wrangle a bunch of data together.  Then clean the data. Next, engineer an endless list of features. Then build, train, and tweak a machine learning model. After that, hand over the results to another team. And then, wait for them to deploy it.  All of these steps can take months. Unfortunately, many have to revisit half of these steps if they want to update their results and deploy updates.  However, what if you could automate it all? It would surely save your team countless hours. Well, that’s where Scheduled Predictions from Cortex comes in.

Make Scheduling Predictions Easy

With Cortex’s latest release of prediction scheduling options, you can do just that. You can now instruct predictions from your machine learning pipeline’s model to refresh repeatedly on a specific day. In addition, automating machine learning tasks in your business has never been simpler.  With a few clicks, teams can now create a fully automated end-to-end ML pipeline that processes data, cleans and engineers features, selects the best performing model, and outputs fresh predictions on a regular basis.  In order to fully automate your efforts and free your team from repetitive tasks, the latest predictions can be delivered via API to your internal solutions, email service provider, third party software, or wherever else they’re needed to make your business initiatives successful.

There are countless examples of how you might want to automate the deployment of certain predictions. Common use cases could include deciding the most appropriate readers to send a promotional newsletter to or selecting the top customers that would be interested in a particular suite of products.  If these campaigns need to be run weekly, there’s no reason to have to devote hours or days each week to regenerating these lists. Let Cortex Scheduled Predictions do the heavy lifting.

Are you thinking about how to automate the deployment of machine learning predictions?  Reach out at info@vidora.com.  We’re here to help!

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