Hundreds of High Value Use Cases


Onsite and in-app real-time decisioning to increase conversions using next-best-action, next-best-offer, and dynamic decisioning.


Personalize across outbound marketing channels to drive engagement and conversions.


Target users by imputing attributes using look-alikes and classification models or optimize directly for downstream conversion events.

Automation Tools for Consumer Data

Cortex provides built-in automation tools to help data wrangle, featurize, and clean consumer data at massive scale. Cortex accounts for a variety of consumer data input formats and overcomes common data inconsistencies. We  know what’s worked well in the past, and your team will benefit from those learnings with high performing tools and features built into Cortex.

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Consumer Data Modeling

A variety of modeling techniques are particularly well suited for consumer data problems across marketing, ad-tech, and product experiences. We’ve ensured the most relevant models are available to your team which include uplift modeling and real-time modeling of consumer interactions.

Learn more about uplift modeling for next-best-action and next-best-offer experiences


SDKs and Frameworks

A successful machine learning deployment requires integrating machine learning within your business. Cortex provides APIs, SDKs, and variety of development frameworks to quickly launch and optimize machine learning decisioning. In addition, Cortex provides your team with MLOps and visualization tools to monitor latency, throughput, and share performance results across your team.

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