Supercharge Your Team

Countless hours get wasted manually organizing data, transforming it, building models through trial and error, and trying to make predictions. But with just a few clicks in Cortex, anybody can create an entire machine learning pipeline that automatically and repeatedly sifts through billions of data points and makes predictions on the goals that you set.

Increase Your Roadmap Capacity

Your data is growing at a much faster pace than your team, and competing for data science and engineering talent is increasingly challenging. Cortex helps your business scale by eliminating the need for your data team to repeatedly implement every step of the machine learning pipeline.

Open the Black Box with Explainable ML

Machine learning is more than just making predictions. Cortex includes a layer of transparency in your pipelines that will help you understand the magic behind the scenes and encourage you to use the discoveries from your data to push forward new strategies.

Data in, Value out

Avoid spending hundreds of thousands of dollars internally just to get one or two pipelines deployed. Deploy hundreds of pipelines in minutes with Cortex by integrating your data seamlessly from all of your data sources, and pulling predictive data out to automate key processes and improve your bottom line.

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