Predictive AI without the Costly Overhead

Attempting to build Machine Learning Pipelines internally often takes longer and costs more than planned. And worse, Gartner shows that more than 80% of AI Projects will fail. With Cortex, we help teams get up and running with machine learning faster and cheaper than alternatives, all while putting data to use to improve business outcomes.

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Enhance Existing Customer Data

Most teams are not getting the full value out of the existing data they capture.  Cortex automates the hardest parts of Machine Learning with Data Process Automation, allowing teams to utilize predictions to increase results without the risk of attempting to build in-house.

Integrated with your Workflow

Machine Learning Pipelines add the most value when they are continuously trained to power automated tasks.  Cortex integrations with any vendor or storage location to streamline the process of deploying predictions.

Successful Customer Deployments

Massive Data Scale

Cortex is able to process hundreds of millions of users and billions of events which presents natural hurdles for many businesses

Multiple Data Sources

Integrate with any source, such as a Data Lake (e.g. S3), Data Warehouse (e.g. Snowflake, GCP), and/or Analytics Platform (e.g. Adobe Analytics, Salesforce)

Dozens of Pipelines

Cortex can power numerous predictions from the same data set. Easily update existing predictions and create new predictions.

Continuous Learning

Predictions are continuously updated with new data and up-to-date predictions, making it easy to automate and optimize business tasks.

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