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Getting started with Machine Learning is now easier than ever.  Vidora’s fully integrated Machine Learning Platform, Cortex, automatically optimizes Business Decisions by predicting which experience will lead to the best outcome for each individual customer.  This allows all customer-facing teams to add automated Machine Learning into their existing workflows and begin to drive more ROI from existing data.

Learn How Cortex Automates Machine Learning Pipelines

Enhance Existing Customer Data

Most teams are not getting the full value out of existing customer data.  Machine Learning allows teams to utilize all available information to create accurate customer predictions.  By automating the entire Machine Learning Pipeline, Cortex allows teams to use predictions to increase ROI without costly and timely overhead.

Integrated with your Workflow

Machine Learning Pipelines add the most value when they are continuously trained and updated over time to power automated experiences, e.g. Dynamic Decisioning, Content Recommendations, or Predictive Segmentation. Cortex integrates with the CDPs, CRMs, data lakes, and data warehouses you already use to make integration and deployment simple.

Successful Customer Deployments

Massive Data Scale

Cortex is able to continuously process hundreds of millions of users and billions of events which presents natural hurdles for many businesses.

Multiple Data Sources

Integrate with any source, such as a CDPs (e.g. Segment), Data Lake (e.g. S3), Data Warehouse (e.g. Snowflake, GCP), Analytics Platform (e.g. Adobe Analytics, Salesforce), and more!

Dozens of Pipelines

Cortex can power numerous predictions from the same data set. Easily update existing predictions and create new predictions that automatically integrate into your existing workflows.

Continuous Optimization

Machine Learning Pipelines that are always learning from new data to continuously optimize user experiences and increase conversions.

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