Product Updates

The latest updates from Vidora's product and engineering team, and a closer look at the building blocks of Strategic Artificial Intelligence

Introducing: Understandable ML

Vidora announced the launch of Understandable ML today (here is a link to the press release), providing unprecedented insight into complex machine learning models, and allowing anybody to uncover “the what, why and how” of machine learning. But with Understandable ML, your business no longer needs to spend hours unpacking the complex internal logic of […]

ML in Practice: Predicting the Time of Day to Send a Newsletter

It’s generally agreed upon that machine learning is really good at making predictions with extensive data sets.  Humans just can’t sift through billions of data points and turn them into anything intelligible. But machines fall short with respect to running a business.  You need a lot of creativity to apply machine learning predictions in a […]

Pipeline Performance Graphs Make ML Deployment Easier

Today Vidora launched a set of Pipeline Performance Graphs built on top of Cortex’s new Automated Pipeline Testing framework. Traditionally, ML performance metrics are too technical to tell you anything useful about what the technology can do for your business. Of course, everybody wants to confidently deploy ML across their organization. Therefore, you need to […]