New Cortex Feature – Customize Explore-Exploit Cohorts for Real-Time Decisioning

We continue to see broad adoption and excitement around real-time decisioning for experiences like next-best-action and next-best-offer. One of the key parameters for real-time decisioning […]

New Cortex Features: More Real-Time Next-Best-Offer and Next-Best-Action Experiences

We recently pushed out two new features enabling teams to generate more value from real-time next-best-action and next-best-offer experiences. The first new feature, multiple decision […]

Introducing: Weighted Decisions for Next-Best-Action and Next-Best-Offer

A couple weeks ago, we launched real-time decisioning capabilities within the Cortex UI. We also promised more product features focused on decisioning in the coming […]

Introducing Machine Learning Decisioning for Next-Best-Action and Next-Best-Offer

One of the most exciting areas Vidora is focused on is providing a platform which makes it easy for our customers to integrate machine learning […]

New Product Features – Subscription Data Ingest and Pipeline Performance Visualizations

We are pleased to highlight a couple new features available in Cortex as of yesterday. We have an aggressive roadmap of features that we plan […]

Vidora New Feature Launch – More Control over Scheduling

Pipeline Scheduling Controls In our latest release, we provide Cortex users with more control over pipeline schedules to complement our automated scheduling capabilities. Typically when […]

Vidora Product Updates – Decision SDK, Real-Time Predictions, Debugging Tools

You may have noticed a few changes to your Cortex account over the last few days as Vidora pushed out enhancements focused mostly around the […]

New Real-Time Machine Learning Functionality Available in Cortex

Real-time machine learning is increasingly important, driven largely by two factors: (1) the imminent death of the 3rd-party cookie, and (2) increased recognition around the […]

Time Machine Machine Learning : Train Pipelines in the Past

Your business changes over time. Your business changes may (or may not) impact the performance of machine learning pipelines which are dependent on data generated […]

New Cortex Features – Smart Training and Granular Batch Prediction Schedules

In general there are two broad phases in any machine learning deployment – (a) training, where the machine learning model is learned and (b) inference, […]

Cortex Update: New Data Ingestion Capabilities for Better Machine Learning Pipelines

At Vidora, we’ve designed Cortex to be flexible when it comes to data ingestion. Data ingestion is the process of transporting data from one or […]

Cortex Update – New Visualization Tools for Business Metrics, ML Understanding, and ML Monitoring

In order to successfully deploy and automate Machine Learning into data workflows, performance tracking and data visualizations play a crucial role. This is why recently […]

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