Earlier this year, the Vidora product team announced the launch of prediction scheduling in Cortex. By setting up any Cortex pipeline to regenerate predictions on a custom schedule, the release allowed anyone to build automated solutions based on fresh results from Cortex. 

Since then, our partners have found innovative ways to leverage Cortex-powered automation into revenue engines constantly optimizing for key business goals. Use cases include –

  • Automatically re-ordering any item likely to sell out within the next 30 days
  • Automating emails sent to the 50k users most likely to purchase on-sale items every week
  • Automatically showing display ads to any logged-in user that is >50% likely to be a homeowner

How do I schedule a recurring prediction?

Once you’ve created a new pipeline in Cortex, you can schedule a recurring export to access fresh predictions on an ongoing basis in just a few clicks. 

  • 1: Hit the “Export Predictions” button from your pipeline.
  • 2: After that, select the number of data points you’d like to be exported on a recurring basis. 
  • 3: Name your Prediction and select any additional columns you’d like to export.
  • 4: Then select the option to export “Repeatedly” and specify the days on which you’d like your predictions to be automatically refreshed.
  • 5: Once you’ve saved your Prediction, Cortex provides a download link that returns the latest predictions in a csv file.


schedule prediction

Example: Every Monday, export ids of the 3,040 users most likely to purchase within 14 days.

Are you thinking about how to schedule prediction exports or build ML-powered automation for your business? Reach out at info@vidora.com to start a conversation!


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