Vidora announced the launch of Understandable ML today (here is a link to the press release), providing unprecedented insight into complex machine learning models, and allowing anybody to uncover “the what, why and how” of machine learning. But with Understandable ML, your business no longer needs to spend hours unpacking the complex internal logic of the models you build in Cortex. Finally, deep insight into ML is now just a few clicks away.

Understand the What, Why and How of Machine Learning Models

Many Machine Learning models function as black boxes. This is because they simply take in data, output predictions, and provide little transparency as to what happens in between. Also, that is not to mention that they can be incredibly complicated to build. But Cortex enables businesses to build powerful models in a simple interface with no jargon, no math and no programming. With Understandable ML, you don’t just have access to the predictions from your model – you have access to the explanations for how they got there. Understand

  • WHAT your model is predicting,
  • WHY each prediction was made, and
  • HOW you can use that information to pull the right levers for your business

Some of the questions that Understandable ML helps to answer include:

“Vidora’s Understandable ML technology has advanced how our team prioritizes strategic initiatives,” added Santosh Payal, Digital Analytics Reporting Manager at News Corp Australia. “Cortex goes a step further than other ML solutions by helping us understand the impact of various levers on our key business goals. But Cortex doesn’t just give us a much better grasp on the health of our subscribers. It also sparks broader conversations on the best upstream strategies for retention.”

Pushing the Boundaries of ML Research

Fortune 500 companies rely on Cortex to bring intelligence to every level of their organization. Dozens of forward-thinking organizations such as Walmart, News Corp, Discovery, and The Australian are already using Cortex. Cortex, they have reshaped their marketing, product, and operations initiatives.

“Vidora helps some of the largest global organizations solve their most pressing problems with ML”, said Abhik Majumdar, Vidora’s CTO who earned his Ph.D at University of California, Berkeley. “Our partners turn to us to develop sophisticated new technologies which drive tangible business value.”

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