… our business moves fast and we needed to make the technology available quickly across our teams. With Cortex, our team is able to build ML into our products in a matter of minutes, as opposed to months.

Chief Data Officer at News Corp

AdTech at News Australia

Learn how News Corp Australia accelerated ad cohort modeling from weeks to a few clicks

Increase Ad Inventory

Learn how a tier one media company increased Ad Inventory by $1.5 Million using onsite personalization.

Nutrafol Case Study

Learn how Nutrafol, a leading eCommerce brand, tailored the best experiences for each individual customer.

Increase E-commerce Revenue

Learn how a premier fast fashion retailer increased revenues by 400%

SVOD Churn Reduction

Learn how a large subscription video company reduced churn by 5.5%

Increase CPC Ad Conversions

Learn how a major media brand increased ad conversions by 43%

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