“Vidora enabled our teams to take advantage of real-time machine learning decisioning across multiple product directions including commerce and subscription initiatives. We are excited about the initial results and are looking forward to continuing to increase subscription conversions.”


VP Technology Projects at New York Post

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“Machine learning is a key component of how we create the best value for customers. Cortex allows us to quickly build accurate machine learning experiences to serve customers better.”


Chief Technology Officer at Nutrafol

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“It takes a data scientist less than 30 minutes to create a new pipeline. Then, with our fully automated solution, the pipeline is activated within 24 hours.”


Head of Data Technology at News Corp Australia

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“… our business moves fast and we needed to make the technology available quickly across our teams. With Cortex, our team is able to build ML into our products in a matter of minutes, as opposed to months.”


Chief Data Officer at News Corp

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“We’re excited by the innovations we’re delivering in the video and live TV space and see Vidora as a strategic partner in helping us provide the best consumer experiences available on any device”

–  VP of Product, MobiTV (now Xperi)

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AdTech at News Australia

Learn how News Corp Australia accelerated ad cohort modeling from weeks to a few clicks

New York Post Case Study

Learn how New York Post increased Sports+ flyout campaign conversions by 40% using real-time machine learning.

Nutrafol E-Commerce Case Study

Learn how Nutrafol, a leading eCommerce brand, tailored the best experiences for each individual customer.

Increase E-Commerce Revenue

Learn how a premier fast fashion retailer increased revenues by 400%

MobiTV Media Case Study

Learn how MobiTV (now Xperi) personalized the mobile premium video experience for each of their users.

SVOD Churn Reduction

Learn how a large subscription video company reduced churn by 5.5%

Look-Alike Modeling Case Study

Learn how many positive samples you need to build an ad segment.

Category Recommendations Case Study

Learn how a media brand predicted category preferences for users.

Increase Ad Inventory

Learn how a tier one media company increased Ad Inventory by $1.5 Million using onsite personalization.


Learn how a leading digital commerce company reduced churn by 5%.

Increase CPC Ad Conversions

Learn how a major media brand increased ad conversions by 43%

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