Product Updates

The latest updates from Vidora's product and engineering team, and a closer look at the building blocks of Strategic Artificial Intelligence

Open the Black Box with Explainable ML

Machine learning. Everybody is either doing it or trying to get their data organized so they can start.  The list of use cases that ML can be applied to is ever-growing, and businesses are picking them off one by one. But while the machines are getting smarter and helping us intelligently automate more and more […]

Enable Deeper Cortex Integrations with Rich Metadata Exporting

Vidora Cortex empowers anybody to drive towards their most important organizational goals using Machine Learning. Cortex enables anyone to build and deploy predictive models with just a few clicks – no jargon, no math, and no programming. Once you’ve created a model to optimize for any goal, you can export predictions from Cortex in a […]

Introducing: Model Directives

VIDORA announced the launch of Model Directives today (here is a link to the press release). Traditionally, specifying a complex goal for a Machine Learning model could take months of data engineering. With Cortex’s Model Directives, those same models can be built in minutes using everyday language. Building Flexible Predictive Models with Cortex Model Directives enable […]