Optimizing User Journeys Using Real-Time Machine Learning

Next-best-action is a natural paradigm for making user journey decisions. Traditionally, marketers have taken a one-size-fits all or a heuristic approach for the user journey. […]

Third-Party Cookies are Crumbling – How to Maximize Value of First-Party Data

Over the past few decades, cookies played a crucial role in marketing efforts in delivering relevant and personalized experiences to consumers without knowing their preferences […]

Q&A on Real-Time Machine Learning Decisioning – Everything you Need to Know

Machine learning decisioning is the natural evolution of machine learning technology from making “predictions” to enabling a business to make “prescriptions” (aka “decisions”) from data. […]

Dynamic Paywalls Powered by Real-Time Machine Learning : A Primer

Digital media businesses are increasingly turning to paywalls to realize value from their content. The combination of a digital experience and a transaction (i.e. purchasing […]

Next-Best-Action : What it is and How it’s Used

Techniques like next-best-action, next-best-offer, and dynamic decisioning can dramatically elevate customer experiences – increasing customer loyalty and driving increased conversions. This post focuses on how […]

A Survey of Machine Learning User Segmentation Techniques Using First Party Data

User segmentation is a critical component of adtech, marketing, and product strategies. Organizations are increasingly focused on different techniques for segmenting users using declared 1st […]

Taking the Leap from Machine Learning Predictions to Machine Learning Decisions

We are seeing a shift across our partners from machine learning predictions to machine learning decisions. Machine learning predictions are incredibly powerful. Predictions enable a […]

How Businesses Use Machine Learning : Analysis vs. Automation

How is your business using machine learning? When working with customers we often see two extremes in how a business thinks about machine learning – […]

Enhance your Email Marketing Strategy with Machine Learning

Marketers of all stripes leverage email marketing to increase conversions. A problem many marketers face is how to increase their conversions. Moreover, they ask “how […]

Implementing Machine Learning to Directly Optimize for Business Value

Machine learning is a great technology to optimize aspects of your business – whether it be subscription conversions or e-commerce purchases. But, across many of […]

How to Make Real-Time Machine Learning Work for User Journeys

The enterprise Machine Learning (ML) landscape is increasingly trending toward real-time inference. This is especially true when it comes to powering dynamic user journeys onsite. […]

A How To Guide – Increasing Clicks, Conversions, and Purchases using Machine Learning

Cortex offers a variety of tools to enable your teams to increase key business metrics. When it comes to increasing short term metrics like clicks […]

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