Enable Deeper Cortex Integrations with Rich Metadata Exporting

Vidora empowers anybody to drive towards their most important organizational goals using Machine Learning. Cortex enables anyone to build and deploy predictive models with just […]

Introducing: Machine Learning Model Directives

Vidora announced the launch of Machine Learning Model Directives today (here is a link to the press release). Traditionally, specifying a complex goal for a […]

Building Personalized Search Experiences with Cortex

Personalized Search involves surfacing results that are tailored to the unique preferences of the user making a search query. With personalized search, you can maximize […]

Optimize Dynamic Paywall Conversions with Machine Learning

In today’s digital media landscape, online publishers are increasingly turning to a subscription model in order to monetize content consumption. Dynamic paywalls serve a dual […]

Introducing: Cortex User Management and Permissions

Vidora enables anyone within an organization to quickly and easily take advantage of machine learning – even non-technical employees. We work closely with some of […]

Simplifying Cortex Logins with Enterprise Single Sign-On

Vidora helps some of the world’s leading Fortune 500 companies leverage machine learning. We do so by enabling anyone within the organization to easily build […]

Introducing Cortex Automation Dashboards

Cortex enables businesses to continuously stream large-scale data into Machine Learning models ranging from recommendation models to event prediction models (e.g. who will convert on […]

Cortex Updates: New Feature Engineering Modules Available – “Variety” Features

New feature engineering modules called “variety” features are available now in Cortex! Here’s what they are: A critical, arguably the most critical part, of machine […]

Look Alike Modeling with Cortex: Build Intelligent Segments in Minutes

Look alike modeling is a powerful tool for marketing teams looking to expand audience segments in an intelligent manner. As increasingly rich data becomes available, […]

Positive Label Filtering with Cortex

Cortex is the easiest machine learning solution on the market. Anyone at any organization can use Cortex to create a predictive machine learning model with […]

How to Verify Your API Signature Within Cortex

Vidora is excited to announce the launch of its API Signature Verification tool within our Cortex platform. Vidora’s APIs provide onsite access to personalized recommendations, […]

Using Cortex : A Short Tutorial on Creating Models

Cortex allows anyone in an organization to create a model with just a few clicks of a button. No coding required. In this tutorial, we’ll […]

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