Introducing Support for Custom Filtering of Recommendations

Vidora is excited to announce support for dynamic Custom Filtering of its personalized recommendations. Custom Filtering is built on the Cortex platform and will be […]

Introducing Personalized Infinite Scroll

Vidora is excited to announce our latest feature built on top of the Cortex platform : personalized infinite scroll. An infinite scroll is a user […]

Cortex APIs for Real-Time Optimization & Cortex Queries

Deploying Machine Learning algorithms at scale for automation is challenging. To solve this problem, AutoML deals with the challenges of building Machine Learning models including […]

Using Cortex Module Optimization APIs

What is Cortex? Cortex enables companies to integrate Strategic AI into their organizations quickly and easily, and optimize for their key strategic goals. Using Cortex […]

Introducing Cortex Insights : Unlocking the Black Box around Strategic AI

Vidora works with some of the largest global organizations. In doing so, we help them automate and optimize their businesses using AI. And today, we […]

Vidora Discusses Low Latency, Globally Distributed AI with Amazon

Vidora founder Philip West discussed how Vidora has put together its low latency, globally distributed AI solution with Amazon in AWS Startup’s latest blog post. […]

Scalable AI Systems, Built with Amazon

We were excited to have our founders Abhik Majumdar and Philip West discuss building and designing scalable AI and Machine Learning systems using Amazon (AWS) […]

Amazon Machine Learning is not for average developers – yet

Machine learning as a service is a hot topic. It’s no accident the leading internet companies are racing to improve their machine learning cloud offerings. […]

Why Vidora Chose to Deploy Spark and Scala

One of the hardest choices facing engineering organizations is which technology stacks to leverage. We faced this decision last year. Our customer base was growing […]

Understanding User Interest Graphs for Personalization

Understanding user interest is a crucial component in enabling personalization in the next generation of data-driven consumer experiences. Building an explicit model of a user […]

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