Machine Learning is an incredibly powerful technology that’s reshaping nearly every industry. Everyone wants to use it, but some of the challenges implementing machine learning can seem daunting. Data is messy and hard to work with. Infrastructure is expensive to build and maintain. The list goes on.

At Vidora, we believe that machine learning has the opportunity to transform every business, and we are working to bring that vision to life with Cortex.

Today, Cortex takes a step forward with the introduction of Regression Modeling. This release brings Cortex’s trademark ease-of-use and end-to-end automation into new territory. Our partners can now make predictions that are more granular and more useful than ever before.

Above is a view of a Cortex and a Machine Learning Pipeline which continuously adapts to large-scale data

What is Regression Modeling?

Over time, Cortex has grown to help our partners solve an increasingly wide net of problems, such as predicting future behavior or finding look-alikes based on known attributes. Until now, however, all of these predictions had to be formulated as a classification problem. In other words, each Cortex pipeline would output prediction probabilities between 0-100% for use cases posed as a yes/no question: “will this user purchase in the future?” or “does this user work in Government?”.

With the introduction of regression modeling, your pipelines can now output predictions in the form of a continuous value. You can now solve the same types of high-value use cases, but with more specific questions and more granular answers than before. 

These powerful new modeling techniques come with the same ease-of-use and end-to-end capabilities that our partners have to come to expect from Cortex. Cortex continues to bridge the gap between business and data teams by putting sophisticated pipelines in the hands of anyone. Now anyone in your organization can access the benefits of Machine Learning.

View of Cortex and the various types of Machine Learning Pipelines it supports

Cortex – Looking Forward

The introduction of Regression is another step on our journey to enable every business to get the benefits of ML. To accomplish this, we will continue to increase the variety of predictions that can be made within Cortex, and continue to improve its ease-of-use.  This way, every business team, regardless of technical abilities, can create and run their own Machine Learning Pipelines.

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