In today’s digital world, businesses have access to more information than ever. Cloud-based vendors have simplified the process of managing this data, but they often leave a gap that business teams struggle to bridge: tying various platforms into a reliable, intelligent workflow. Data lakes facilitate the storage of data. Marketing automation platforms make it easy to action that data. Machine Learning helps dictate which actions you should take. Together, these components are greater than the sum of their parts. But too often, business teams are slowed by the engineering work required to connect them into a single system.

At Vidora, we’ve designed Cortex with business teams in mind. This means not only making no-code Machine Learning a reality, but also ensuring that results are seamlessly integrated with other platforms in the enterprise data ecosystem. Today, we’re excited to announce a series of new integrations between Cortex and popular platforms like Salesforce, Google Cloud, and AWS. By enabling anyone to deliver predictions directly to these destinations, we’ve made it easier for marketers, product managers, and other business users to create automated ML workflows without many of the technical challenges of big data.

Bring Your Predictions to Life

Cortex’s no-code ML platform allows business teams to make sophisticated predictions about their users’ behaviors, attributes, and preferences. For example:

  • “Export the top 1,000 user IDs by predicted purchase probability”
  • “Export user IDs with greater than 80% churn probability”
  • “Export the top 5 product recommendations for every user active in the last 60 days”

Our enterprise partners know that these Machine Learning predictions aren’t meant to live in a silo. Instead, they realize value from Cortex by automating data-driven workflows across their organizations. Example use cases include:

Creating ML workflows like these often requires data to flow between Cortex and other third-party platforms (like marketing automation, CRMs, or CDPs). Too often, going live means first waiting for engineers to help shuffle data from one place to the next. But with our latest ML integrations, our partners can now send predictions to a custom destination with just a few clicks in Cortex. This means you can realize value from Cortex more quickly and more self-sufficiently than ever before.

Our list of ML integration partners will continue to grow over time, but for now includes –

  • Salesforce Audience Studio – Combine the predictive power of Cortex with Salesforce’s personalized marketing tools, enabling you to automate customer outreach in an intelligent way.
  • Amazon S3 – Host predictions in your own S3 bucket so that you can easily move them in and out of data workflows powered by various AWS services.
  • Google Cloud Storage – Host predictions in your own Cloud Storage bucket so that you can easily move them in and out of data workflows powered by various Google Cloud services.

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These guides offer step-by-step instructions on how to set up your own Export Destinations in Cortex. If you would like to explore additional ML integrations, please email us at!

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