Vidora is excited to announce our latest feature built on top of the Cortex platform : personalized infinite scroll.

An infinite scroll is a user interface which prevents the browser scroll bar from reaching the bottom of a page. Instead, it causes the page to grow dynamically by loading additional content. This feature works especially well with mobile apps, where the form-factor is particularly amenable to infinite scroll (see, for instance, Facebook’s mobile personalized infinite scroll experience). According to ComScore, rapid uptake of smartphones propelled mobile internet usage past fixed access in 2014, and hasn’t slowed since. Today, mobile comprises 51% of digital media time in the US, compared to just 42% for desktop.

Using Vidora Cortex APIs to deploy an infinite scroll allows an organization to tailor additional content to each user’s interests in real-time. The infinite scroll functionality is built on Cortex. It loads 1:1 personalized content to maximize page views, time on site, or any other metric specified. For developers, accessing this functionality is as easy as adding an extra parameter to our existing Personalization APIs.

Vidora enables anyone in any business to build and use complex machine learning models. With Vidora’s self-service platform, Cortex, machine learning is intuitive, interpretable and fast. Cortex also automates the entire machine learning pipeline from raw data to model outputs, and the Items API is an important component of that. Experts in machine learning and artificial intelligence from Stanford, Berkeley and Caltech developed Cortex. Finally, Cortex sits at the heart of some of the largest global brands, such as Walmart, News Corp, and Discovery.

If you have any questions about implementing infinite scroll, contact your account manager or email us at

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