Vidora works with some of the largest global organizations. In doing so, we help them automate and optimize their businesses using AI. And today, we are excited to make Cortex Insights available to our partners. Cortex Insights is 100% customizable, and provides visibility into how Strategic AI is optimizing for business goals.


What is Cortex Insights?

Cortex Insights is a customizable set of dashboards and visualizations uniquely taylored to each of our partners. The life-blood of Vidora’s Strategic AI technology is data. As a result of this, in the process of developing Strategic AI, Vidora created both the algorithms and technology stack to handle billions of behavioral events. This was because those events come from hundreds of millions of users per month. That data is now available to each partner.

There are several use cases this tool:

  1. Visualize the performance increases which result from business automation
  2. Understand the internals of Strategic AI decision making (e.g. unlock the black-box of AI)
  3. See the overall health of your business

Unlocking the Black Box Surrounding AI

One of the main goals with this launch is to shine light into the black box surrounding Strategic AI. In addition, we want to give our partners unparalleled visibility into how our technology is making automation decisions. And as we continue to evolve, our partners will  increasingly have access and visibility to the decisions being made by Strategic AI.


Customized Uniquely for Each Partner

Each partner leverages Strategic AI in slightly different ways. For that reason, from the outset, we’ve focused on making Cortex Insights flexible. This is both in terms of which metrics are exposed but also in terms of how those metrics are exposed.

Are you interesting in seeing the uplift as a result of Strategic AI automating a weekly offer push notification? No problem. Also interested in visualizing performance over a week, month, year? No problem. Working with your account team Cortex Insights can provide just about any insights you would like into your business.


How can I Enable This for my Account?

Enabling Cortex Insights is as easy as speaking to your account manager. We’ll walk you through how to customize metrics uniquely to your business.

Start Using Cortex Today!

The flexibility of Cortex Insights is enabling our partners to automate and optimize increasing amounts of their business using Cortex. Learn more and email today!

Want to Learn More?

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