You may have noticed a few changes to your Cortex account over the last few days as Vidora pushed out enhancements focused mostly around the Decision SDK. The Decision SDK helps teams enable next-best-action and next-best-offer experiences using real-time and batch data.

Decision SDK

The Decision SDK (learn more about the Decision SDK here) enables your team to leverage both real-time and batch data to make real-time decisions. A couple new features are now available in the Decision SDK to expand the available use cases and make it easier to deploy the SDK –

  • The ability to target users based on not just their conversion probability but also their percentile. I.e. currently the SDK enables targeting of users above, say, “90% likely to churn”. With this enhancement you can now target the “top 25% of users likely to churn”.
  • Enhanced debugging around the SDK to enable more extensive trouble-shooting. For instance within our Developer Tools, users can now see more detailed information around each API call made in addition to filtering events by User ID, Event Type, and URL.

Enhanced Cohort Selection for Machine Learning Pipelines

Many of our customers have use cases where they would like to focus their machine learning decisions on only a subset of users. For instance in the account below, a Cortex user can now specify that the machine learning pipeline be built using only subscribers or, alternately non-subscribers. Learn more about how to specify cohorts of users to learn and train your models on here.

As always, we look forward to hearing feedback from our customers and partners. Please reach out anytime at

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