We are pleased to highlight a couple new features available in Cortex as of yesterday. We have an aggressive roadmap of features that we plan on launching in Q2. Many of the upcoming features focus on next-best-action and next-best-offer technology using real-time decisioning.

Subscription Data Ingest

Cortex supports ingestion of various types of data, including behavioral data and user attribute data. Now, Cortex also supports ingestion of subscription data via a batch file upload.

Many of our customers have subscription services, and the new functionality should make it easier for these customers to send subscription data directly to Cortex. By sending subscription data, our customers can build models such as –

  • Predicting which lapsed users are most likely subscribe
  • Next-best-offer for converting anonymous to paid users
  • Next-best-action for promoting an email signup (for marketing) or subscription conversion
  • Predicting up-sell, churn, and subscription cross-sells

Here is more information on ingesting batch subscription data via Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage within our Vidora User Documentation.

Pipeline Performance Visualizations

One of our goals in the Pipeline Overview section is to provide a visual indication of how well the pipeline is performing. To this end, Future Events pipelines now offer a “Conversion Rate by Decile” plot which indicates how often users are converting within each predicted decile. First, users are put into 10 equally-sized bins based on how likely they are to convert in the future. Cortex then observes how many users in each bin go on to actually convert in the future. A strong performing pipeline will show a higher conversion rate in the top decile (users predicted as most likely to convert) than the bottom decile (users predicted as least likely to convert).

A weaker performing pipeline will likely not have a monotonically increasing performance as a function of deciles. This typically occurs when the volume of data is low.

Here is a link to our documents which describe the conversion decile plots in more detail.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions on our new Cortex features or about our upcoming roadmap. We value all our customer’s feedback and are always happy to jump on a call.

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