One of the most exciting areas Vidora is focused on is providing a platform which makes it easy for our customers to integrate machine learning decisioning into their workflows. The notion of leveraging data to automate decisions is a trend we think will accelerate over the coming years and will enable businesses to finally maximize the value of their data investments. This latest Cortex release is a huge step towards this vision. 

Vidora’s real-time decisioning enables use cases like next-best-action and next-best-offer which we increasingly see as requirements for marketing, product, and adtech teams across our customer base.

There are three key aspects for Cortex’s machine learning decisioning for next-best-action and next-best-offer –

  1. Demonstrable Conversion Increases – In our private beta we’ve seen increases in conversions by 40% for financial services companies and 100% for media companies over heuristic approaches to decisioning.
  2. Target Anonymous and 1st Time Users – With the 3rd party cookie crumbling, leveraging in-session data becomes a requirement for businesses. Cortex provides a unique framework for combining both real-time user data and historical user data to make optimal user decisions. Here’s a recent blog post which dives into our approach in more detail.
  3. Easily Experiment with new Decisions – We’ve focused on making the interface in Cortex intuitive and easy to modify. This allows our customers to easily add new decisions or offers, weight different offers, visualize performance increases, and set explore-exploit parameters for decisions.

The entire team contributed to this launch, including our product lead Michael Firn, who walks through this latest release in the video below.

We’re incredibly excited to take this step towards enabling the broad use of machine learning decisioning by businesses. We would love to hear from customers or prospects who are interested in learning more. Please contact us at

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