Announcing: Zephr and Vidora Partnership and Integration

Today Vidora is happy to announce our official partnership and integration with Zephr!  Combining the value of Zephr and Vidora enables any marketing or product […]

Machine Learning Secrets – The Best Ways to Evaluate Machine Learning Models

Machine learning is increasingly the cornerstone of success for numerous marketing and product teams. The ability to harness predictive insights is invaluable to optimize and […]

How Marketers Can Use Machine Learning to Build Optimal User Segments

Identifying a target market is the first and most important step in building a marketing campaign. For every campaign created, a target audience is required. […]

Learn How Retailers Can Increase Holiday Sales Using Machine Learning

The holiday season is right around the corner. Machine learning offers retailers the ability to create new types of campaigns designed to increase holiday sales. […]

Predictive NPS: Rethinking NPS Using Machine Learning

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a leading indicator of growth for your business. Collecting NPS surveys is a great way to gather information about your […]

Vidora & BootstrapLabs Applied AI and Enterprise Productivity Webinar

We are excited to announce that our CEO, Alex Holub, will be speaking at Bootstrap Lab’s Applied AI and Enterprise Productivity Webinar. BootstrapLabs is one […]

Machine Learning Secrets for Marketers : Conditional Goals

In most machine learning models (specifically supervised machine learning models) a goal is set by a Cortex user and the machine learning system will generate […]

What Makes Machine Learning Unique from other Data Science Techniques?

Machine learning falls under the general umbrage of data science. And yet, the term machine learning is used so much that it could very well […]

Machine Learning Secrets for Marketers – Specifying a Training Cohort

Machine learning has the potential to dramatically augment the productivity of marketers across enterprise organizations. In this blog post we uncover yet another machine learning […]

5 Keys to Enabling Marketers with Machine Learning

Machine learning offers a powerful set of tools for marketers to optimize and automate engagement with customers. However, many organizations struggle to directly empower their […]

AI-Powered Real Estate: Leveraging Machine Learning to Predict Market Behavior

There’s no question machine learning has the power to be transformative for the Real Estate industry. Automated Valuation Modeling (AVM) provides national real estate valuation […]

News Corp Australia Automates Complex Machine Learning Processes with Vidora’s Cortex [3/3]

Join us for a 3-part interview with Lionel Port, Head of Data Technology at News Corp Australia [Part 3] In Part 2 of our 3 […]

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