Today Vidora is happy to announce our official partnership and integration with Zephr!  Combining the value of Zephr and Vidora enables any marketing or product team to use no-code technology in order to develop better customer journeys powered by machine learning. 

About Zephr

Zephr’s mission is to revolutionize the subscription economy by providing commercial teams with no-code solutions, enabling them to easily create, test and iterate high-conversion user journeys. Zephr, with its ecosystem of partners, empowers customers to rapidly build strong customer relationships, optimize subscription revenues and dramatically boost ad yields.

Personalizing the Customer Journey with Machine Learning Predictions

When personalizing customer journeys, there are key decision points along the customer journey about which experience to serve a customer.  Zephr allows teams to choose where these decision points are, and what experiences are available to each user.  Vidora provides an added layer of sophistication to these decision points by making the choices based on predictions, rather than static rules. Marketers can now leverage all the information about a customer to give them the best experience in order to increase conversions.

   The partnership with Zephr adds a tremendous amount of value to our customers who are building intelligent user journeys. The combination of no-code predictive machine learning and no-code journey building enables marketers and product managers to dramatically increase conversions and engagement.   

– Al Rey, CRO, Vidora. 

Integration Details

Vidora worked closely with Zephr team to enable a seamless integration. Predictions created in Cortex can be easily imported directly into Zephr within the UI. 

Once Vidora’s AI-powered prediction models are plugged into Zephr, Zephr allows their clients to alter customer journeys, which are based on each end customer’s predicted propensity to take a given path that is right for them.

Use Cases – Increasing Conversions, Registered Users, and more!

Examples of use cases include: 

  • Increase the Number of Registered Users – Determine whether to show a Registration page to a user based on their likelihood of registering.
  • Increase Paywall Conversions – Determine whether to show a paywall to a user or provide free access to the service for a limited time based on what converts users more.
  • Decrease User Churn – Offer users an onsite discount on a subscription service if their churn propensity is above 90%.
  • Increase Cross-Sells – Offer users an onsite promotion for a new product based on their propensity to subscribe to that new product.

   We’re excited about our new partnership with Vidora. The combination of Zephr and Vidora gives commercial teams an incredibly powerful tool for increasing lifetime value, reducing churn and improving their user experiences.    

Yakir Firestane, Partnerships Director, Zephr. 

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