Next-Best-Action : What it is and How it’s Used

Techniques like next-best-action, next-best-offer, and dynamic decisioning can dramatically elevate customer experiences – increasing customer loyalty and driving increased conversions. This post focuses on how […]

MistQL for Real-Time Machine Learning Decisioning

One of the most challenging recent Vidora product initiatives involved real-time machine learning decisioning which we launched in late 2021 (learn more about real-time decisioning […]

Is it Possible to Show Value from Machine Learning with No Data Infrastructure? No Problem.

A well known fact is that machine learning requires data. And of course it’s true. Machine learning typically requires a large investment in data infrastructure, […]

A Survey of Machine Learning User Segmentation Techniques Using First Party Data

User segmentation is a critical component of adtech, marketing, and product strategies. Organizations are increasingly focused on different techniques for segmenting users using declared 1st […]

Quick Start Guide for Real-Time Next-Best-Action

Next-Best-Action, Next-Best-Offer, Dynamic Decisioning. All of these user experiences have a lot of common underlying components including the need for both real-time and batch historical […]

Real-Time Machine Learning & Onsite Decisioning: A Best-of-Both Worlds Approach

At Vidora, we’ve seen that one of the highest value ways a consumer-facing team can use Machine Learning (ML) is for onsite decision-making. If a […]

Vidora’s 2022 Machine Learning Focus : Real Time Inference and Decisioning

We are in 2022! It’s going to be a great year. The Vidora team is truly grateful and excited to be working with such a […]

Vidora New Feature Launch – More Control over Scheduling

Pipeline Scheduling Controls In our latest release, we provide Cortex users with more control over pipeline schedules to complement our automated scheduling capabilities. Typically when […]

Taking the Leap from Machine Learning Predictions to Machine Learning Decisions

We are seeing a shift across our partners from machine learning predictions to machine learning decisions. Machine learning predictions are incredibly powerful. Predictions enable a […]

Vidora Product Updates – Decision SDK, Real-Time Predictions, Debugging Tools

You may have noticed a few changes to your Cortex account over the last few days as Vidora pushed out enhancements focused mostly around the […]

[Video] Building Real-Time Decisioning in Cortex for Next-Best-Offer and Next-Best-Action

In this video, Vidora’s Shawn Azman walks through how to build a real-time decisioning pipeline in Cortex which uses both historical and real-time data to […]

New Real-Time Machine Learning Functionality Available in Cortex

Real-time machine learning is increasingly important, driven largely by two factors: (1) the imminent death of the 3rd-party cookie, and (2) increased recognition around the […]

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