Vidora announced the launch of Machine Learning Model Directives today (here is a link to the press release). Traditionally, specifying a complex goal for a Machine Learning model could take months of data engineering. With Cortex’s Model Directives, those same models can be built in minutes using everyday language.

Building Flexible Predictive Models with Cortex

Model Directives enable businesses to build more powerful models while maintaining a simple interface. There is also no jargon, no programming, no math. Some examples of models which are now possible include –

machine learning model

“Model Directives add an enormous amount of power and sophistication to Cortex. But it keeps all of that technical complexity behind the scenes,” says Neven Wang-Tomic, the lead Vidora engineer on the project. “Cortex is designed for business-focused users. Therefore, it was important that we maintain ease-of-use even as Cortex’s capabilities grew.”

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Leading Fortune 500 Companies are Already Using Cortex

Fortune 500 companies rely on Cortex to bring intelligence to every level of their organization. Dozens of forward-thinking organizations such as Walmart, News Corp, Discovery, and The Australian are already using Cortex. They do this in order to reshape their marketing, product, and operations initiatives.

Simon Smith, Chief Data Officer at global media giant News Corp commented on the new functionality, “We knew what Machine Learning could do for us, but our business moves fast and we needed to make the technology available quickly across our teams. Thanks to Cortex, our team is able to build ML into our products in a matter of minutes, as opposed to months.

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