Vidora empowers anybody to drive towards their most important organizational goals using Machine Learning. Cortex enables anyone to build and deploy predictive models with just a few clicks. There is no jargon, no math, and no programming. We also now enable metadata exporting through Cortex.

Once you’ve created a model to optimize for any goal, you can export predictions from Cortex in a matter of minutes. With the new Metadata Exporting functionality, you can now export rich information about data along with the predictions. This is in order to more effectively integrate the output of Cortex across your organization. This includes integrating with CRMs, data visualization tools, and executive dashboards. Use cases include:

  • Export email addresses to facilitate CRM integration and power predictive marketing campaigns
  • Also export subscription tier data to easily visualize predicted subscriber health across each segment
  • Export behavioral features (days since active, total pageviews in the last 30 days, etc.) to analyze which behavioral patterns drive predicted user loyalty
  • Also personalized item recommendations to personalize outbound push notifications to at-risk users

Sample downloaded Cortex Predictions file which includes a predictive score and various metadata fields for each exported user.

“Cortex is a crucial part of our partners’ workflows, and we’re always looking for ways to more tightly integrate with their existing tools and processes,” says Ori Gilad, the lead Vidora engineer on the project. “Rich Metadata Exporting opens even more doors for deeper Cortex integrations, making it easier than ever to build Machine Learning into various parts of your business.”

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