mParticle Acquires Vidora (FAQ)

How does Vidora’s technology work with mParticle? Starting today, mParticle customers can integrate their customer data with the Vidora Cortex platform. The combined offering increases […]

[Video] Predicting Customer Churn with mParticle

Find your most at-risk users in just a few clicks using mParticle and Vidora. In the video below, Emily Chen walks through how to predict […]

New Cortex Feature – Customize Explore-Exploit Cohorts for Real-Time Decisioning

We continue to see broad adoption and excitement around real-time decisioning for experiences like next-best-action and next-best-offer. One of the key parameters for real-time decisioning […]

Optimizing User Journeys Using Real-Time Machine Learning

Next-best-action is a natural paradigm for making user journey decisions. Traditionally, marketers have taken a one-size-fits all or a heuristic approach for the user journey. […]

New Cortex Features: More Real-Time Next-Best-Offer and Next-Best-Action Experiences

We recently pushed out two new features enabling teams to generate more value from real-time next-best-action and next-best-offer experiences. The first new feature, multiple decision […]

[Video Demo] Next-Best-Offer Experience in Vidora Cortex

Over the past few weeks, we have been launching new features within Cortex that make it easier for teams to get up and running with […]

Introducing: Weighted Decisions for Next-Best-Action and Next-Best-Offer

A couple weeks ago, we launched real-time decisioning capabilities within the Cortex UI. We also promised more product features focused on decisioning in the coming […]

Third-Party Cookies are Crumbling – How to Maximize Value of First-Party Data

Over the past few decades, cookies played a crucial role in marketing efforts in delivering relevant and personalized experiences to consumers without knowing their preferences […]

Introducing Machine Learning Decisioning for Next-Best-Action and Next-Best-Offer

One of the most exciting areas Vidora is focused on is providing a platform which makes it easy for our customers to integrate machine learning […]

Q&A on Real-Time Machine Learning Decisioning – Everything you Need to Know

Machine learning decisioning is the natural evolution of machine learning technology from making “predictions” to enabling a business to make “prescriptions” (aka “decisions”) from data. […]

New Product Features – Subscription Data Ingest and Pipeline Performance Visualizations

We are pleased to highlight a couple new features available in Cortex as of yesterday. We have an aggressive roadmap of features that we plan […]

Dynamic Paywalls Powered by Real-Time Machine Learning : A Primer

Digital media businesses are increasingly turning to paywalls to realize value from their content. The combination of a digital experience and a transaction (i.e. purchasing […]