Next-best-action is a natural paradigm for making user journey decisions. Traditionally, marketers have taken a one-size-fits all or a heuristic approach for the user journey. One-size-fits-all approaches lack the personalization benefits of other approaches and heuristic approaches, while often an improvement, rely on a fixed set of rules which are not always optimal given a changing customer base and user behavior patterns.

According to a study conducted by Epsilon, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences. Personalization works. And machine learning is a great technique to use in lieu of heuristic approaches given that machine learning based approaches adapt over time and optimize within a dynamic world. 

In this post, we will discuss how marketers are able to create tailored, next-best-action experiences using real-time machine learning to help add value within a user journey. 

User Journeys Powered by Next-Best-Action

Vidora Cortex empowers business teams to deliver real-time next-best-action experiences to personalize user journeys at scale. User journeys are characterized by a variety of decision points which are ideally suited for machine learning. Examples include: should I show a registration wall now? Should I show a coupon now? 

Next-best-action is a natural way to optimize for user value at each point in the user journey. Cortex can help automatically build these next-best-action decisions to deliver a personalized consumer experience.

There are many decisions that can be made across user journeys. Here is one example of a next-best-action decision of whether or not to show a user a registration wall.

Machine learning leverages past user behaviors to adapt and optimize for the best decision for every user. In addition, leveraging real-time machine learning enables a business to use in-session data to target users, including anonymous and first-time users.

Get Started with Building Machine Learning Decisioning into User Journeys

Our goal with Cortex is to make it quick and easy to create dynamic decisioning experiences like next-best-action and next-best-offer for user journeys (watch a next-best-offer Cortex demo here). 

Screenshot of creating a next-best-action decision project in Cortex in order to maximize customer lifetime value within a typical user journey.

Vidora helps marketers and product managers deliver personalized experiences during different user touch points. Please reach out to if you are interested in getting started with Cortex for user journey optimization or another next-best-action use case!

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