How does Vidora’s technology work with mParticle?

Starting today, mParticle customers can integrate their customer data with the Vidora Cortex platform. The combined offering increases the value of customer engagement and analytics tools by powering them with artificial intelligence to drive better outcomes.

In the initial phase of this integration, teams can generate Intelligent Attributes to predict the likelihood of future outcomes, such as a conversion event or churn. Intelligent Attributes also supports computing predictive customer lifetime value, or determining likelihood of a user belonging to a certain classification or group.

Teams can then deploy Intelligent Attributes to any of mParticle’s 300+ data integrations to improve decisioning, segmentation, and personalization across the entire tech stack. Intelligent Attributes is available for purchase as a premium add-on. 

In the future, we plan to add additional capabilities powered by machine-learning such as next-best-action and next-best-offer recommendations.

You can learn more about use cases and integration details on the announcement blog post on mParticle’s website.

What is happening to Vidora’s customers?

mParticle will continue to support Vidora’s paying customers. No changes have been planned.

Where can I learn more about mParticle?

Please visit the mParticle website and check out the self-service demo, or request access to a free trial. To speak with a team member or to request a personalized demo, you can contact us here.


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