We are seeing a shift across our partners from machine learning predictions to machine learning decisions. Machine learning predictions are incredibly powerful. Predictions enable a business to predict what a user will do in the future or impute a missing attribute. However, in general, predictions tend to be one step removed from business value. What’s typically needed are models and technology to transform a machine learning prediction into a machine learning decision.

Optimally translating machine learning pipelines into machine learning decisions is not just a matter of setting a threshold. Decisioning requires new types of models (for instance, prescriptive uplift modeling) and new types of technology frameworks (for instance, the Vidora Decisioning SDK).

We expect there to be an increased focus around machine learning decisioning as more businesses look to drive tangible ROI from machine learning across use cases like next-best-action, next-best-offer, dynamic decisioning, and more. It’s definitely a paradigm shift in terms of how to think about machine learning within a business – get ready to take the leap!

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