Marketers of all stripes leverage email marketing to increase conversions. A problem many marketers face is how to increase their conversions. Moreover, they ask “how can I use all my data in order to maximize conversions?”

Cortex is a machine learning platform that was purpose-built to help teams leverage all of their data in order to solve real-world business problems. With Cortex, marketers are able to maximize total conversions by using all of their data to make decisions. 

In this blog post, we will explain some of the challenges in email marketing and how to tackle these issues by using machine learning. Additionally, we will discuss how one of our fast-fashion retail partners saw a 400%+ increase in retail revenue via email using Cortex. 

The Problem

Email marketers often need to build accurate segments for specific promotional campaigns. Some examples include – 

  1. An online retailer wants to send out a promotional email → find users who are most likely to churn
  2. A business introduces a new perfume product → find everyone who is interested in perfumes
  3. A business wants to cross-sell a related product → find users who are most likely to purchase the related product

In order to create successful campaigns, marketers need to strike a balance between targeting the right users and not overwhelming the uninterested users with their promotional campaigns. If a company consistently spams their users, the risk of user churn increases. Data science and machine learning can help business teams determine who to target and what the expected increase in conversions will be.  

The Solution

Email marketers are able to tackle the challenge of finding the right users to target with their campaigns by using Cortex to predict how likely a user is to purchase a product for a given category of items. These predictions will reveal which users can be targeted and which users that should not be sent emails. 

Cortex allows users to pull from multiple disparate data sources such as transactions, support emails, onsite behavioral data, app behavioral data, 3rd party DMP data, etc. With Cortex, marketers are able to leverage all of their data in order to make accurate predictions about their users. 

By knowing who to target and with which campaign, marketers can drive higher conversion rates and create a more strategic marketing plan.

Example of building a future events pipeline in Cortex predicting the purchase of shoes

The Result

A Vidora partner was able to leverage Cortex for their marketing campaigns and saw a 400%+ increase in average revenue per email sent. In addition, they had a 60%+ increase in email opens, significantly reduced their cost of acquisition and their risk of user churn. (Read more here in our case study!)

Here at Vidora, our goal is to help your team drive business results as efficiently as possible. If you have any questions about using Cortex for your email marketing campaigns, or any other use cases, please reach out to!

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