Dynamic Decisioning Using Real-Time Machine Learning – The 3 Most Important Types of Features

Dynamic decisioning is a powerful technique for optimizing user journeys. Choosing what to show an individual user in order to incentivize the right action, including […]

Best Practices when Operationalizing Machine Learning Pipelines – Vidora and Ascend Podcast

Have you ever wondered what is involved in operationalizing machine learning for your business? If you have, join Vidora’s Head of Operations Shawn Azman on […]

Top 5 Questions to Ask when Thinking about Machine Learning

Businesses are making big bets to collect and manage vast amounts of their data. As the amount of data increases, companies are considering how Machine […]

No-Code Dynamic Decisioning – Fast Experiments, Fast Deployments

Dynamic decisioning is a powerful technique for optimizing user journeys. Layering machine learning technology into the dynamic decisioning process, including techniques like Uplift Modeling and […]

When is Real-Time Machine Learning your Best Bet?

Once a machine learning pipeline is built, predictions can be made off of that pipeline. Typically there are two broad modes of leveraging the pipeline […]

Vidora on the Pathmonk Presents Podcast

During this week’s Pathmonk Presents Podcast, Vidora’s Head of Operations Shawn Azman joins to discuss what goes into marketing and selling Machine Learning software.  The […]

Real-Time Machine Learning – Why It’s Valuable and How to Make it Work!

Real-Time Machine Learning is emerging as an increasingly important component for product and marketing teams. Use cases range from dynamic decisioning to targeting anonymous users […]

Predictive Retargeting: Stop Wasting Marketing Dollars on the Wrong Users

For digital businesses, ensuring the user experience is optimized and personalized is a key strategy for keeping users engaged and retained over time.  Alongside a […]

A How To Guide : Enabling Netflix-like Machine Learning

Netflix spends tens of millions of dollars yearly on machine learning. These costs include hiring and recruiting high-priced teams, provisioning large-scale infrastructure, and maintaining a […]

Machine Learning – A Powerful Ally for User Acquisition and User Conversion

Acquiring new users and converting new users is the life-blood of any business. For subscription businesses balancing the cost of acquiring new users with the […]

Vidora & Zephr Podcast – Using Customer Data Effectively

Data is key to marketers and product teams. But are you using your customer data effectively?  During this week’s Zephr Podcast Sessions, host Scott Howland […]

Machine Learning Secrets – The Best Ways to Evaluate Machine Learning Models

Machine learning is increasingly the cornerstone of success for numerous marketing and product teams. The ability to harness predictive insights is invaluable to optimize and […]

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