Next-Best-Action, Next-Best-Offer, Dynamic Decisioning. All of these user experiences have a lot of common underlying components including the need for both real-time and batch historical data, the ability to weight the importance of different outcomes, and the ability to automatically set up control segments to evaluate overall performance. In addition to features, all of these experiences need to work at an extremely large scale to accommodate the largest consumer sites globally.

The Decisioning SDK was designed to make it easier for teams to quickly launch dynamic customer experiences. The SDK strikes a balance between simplicity and configurability by both providing an out of the box real-time decisioning framework while also providing hooks to enable businesses to configure the data and features used by the SDK. And we are just getting started with the SDK. In 2022, we have an aggressive roadmap around new features.

To help facilitate the implementation of real-time decisioning we put together this Quick Start Guide. The guide should give you a sense for how to quickly get started increasing conversions using real-time decisioning.

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