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Introducing: Model Directives

VIDORA announced the launch of Model Directives today (here is a link to the press release). Traditionally, specifying a complex goal for a Machine Learning model could take months of data engineering. With Cortex’s Model Directives, those same models can be built in minutes using everyday language. Building Flexible Predictive Models with Cortex Model Directives enable […]

Vidora Cortex Automation: Personalized Search

Personalized Search involves surfacing results that are tailored to the unique preferences of the user making a search query. Personalized search allows you to maximize engagement by exposing relevant content that the user is predisposed towards. Enabling Personalized Search with Cortex Cortex Automation allows our partners to build machine learning technology directly into their digital […]

Cortex-Powered Paywalls: Optimize Conversions with Machine Learning

In today’s digital media landscape, online publishers are increasingly turning to a subscription model in order to monetize content consumption. Subscription paywalls serve a dual purpose for media companies: drive revenue from your loyal users, while permitting new ones to sample your content before they convert. But rules-based paywalls are often too rigid. As media […]