Optimize Buyer and Seller Experiences

Real estate companies generate vast amounts of data on real estate assets, buyers, and sellers. Cortex enables leading real estate companies to transform that data into business value. Real estate companies use Cortex for tasks ranging from identifying buyers and sellers based on their digital behavior to forecasting trends in housing prices to preventing fraudulent listings from coming onto the market. No coding needed.

Predict Future Purchasing Behaviors

Real estate companies are sitting on large amounts of past asset sale and bid histories. Cortex will help you turn that data into value for Buyers and Sellers. Optimize the experience for Sellers by predicting the likelihood of sale at different list prices. Guide Buyers by helping each understand the likelihood of winning a bid with at different prices.

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Learn About Buyers and Sellers

Buyers and Sellers leave data footprints across the online and offline world. Cortex can help you use that data to learn about their intentions with techniques like Look-Alike modeling to identify users who have a high net worth, are first time homebuyers, or have a high likelihood of buying in the next 14 days.

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Optimize the Customer Experience for each user to increase engagement and loyalty

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