Automate Personalization with No-Code Machine Learning

Customers increasingly demand personalized experiences and catering to their unique preferences pays dividends — according to Gartner, personalization engines will boost profits by 15% for digital businesses by 2020. Cortex gives you the power to utilize automated Machine Learning directly in your digital products without a data science intermediary. Create personalized experiences which update in real-time and maximize engagement for every one of your customers, all without needing to write any code.

Customer Recommendations

For companies with a lot of content or a large inventory, e.g. Media & Retail, knowing what each customer will be most interested in is difficult to discern. Cortex compares all possible recommendations with each customer’s past behavior to generate the best recommendations for every customer.

Predict Customer Segments with Look-Alike Modeling

When new customers begin interacting with a service, it’s often unclear what their intentions are. With Cortex, you can use their behavior to predict the type of customer they will become based on past interactions of other customers. This information can be used to customize a better experience for each user.

Predict User Behavior

Cortex uses past customer behavior to predict future behavior. With this information, Product Teams can make more informed decisions about how to build the product and can automate personalized customer experiences with Machine Learning.

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Machine Learning for Your Team

Marketing Teams

Personalize every customer outreach by predicting the best Channel, Time, Message, Recommendation, etc.

Product Teams

Optimize the Customer Experience for each user to increase engagement and loyalty

Data Teams

Unlock the hidden value of your data and streamline data workflows to empower business teams

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