Automatically Turn Data into Predictions Without Code

Cortex allows you to take the data that you already have and automatically use it to create Machine Learning Pipelines, all without needing to hire an internal team or write any code. This improves marketing campaigns by using predictions to power customer segmentation and personalization, all while avoiding timely and costly internal development.

Influence Conversions with Uplift Modeling

Marketers have a lot of tools and strategies that can be deployed to influence customer behavior, but how can you be sure which strategy works best for each customer? Uplift Modeling removes the guesswork by showing the expected increase in conversion likelihood based on each strategy.

Predict Customer Segments with Look-Alike Modeling

Machine Learning can give Marketers a leg up by using Look Alike targeting to automate customer segmentation. This allows you to find more customers that look like your best performing customers and customize the outreach to each.

Predict Customer Behavior

Cortex uses past customer behavior to predict future behavior. With this information, Marketers can make more informed decisions about which campaigns to run to get the best results for each user.

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Machine Learning for Your Team

Marketing Teams

Personalize every customer outreach by predicting the best Channel, Time, Message, Recommendation, etc.

Product Teams

Optimize the Customer Experience for each user to increase engagement and loyalty

Data Teams

Unlock the hidden value of your data and streamline data workflows to empower business teams

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