Dynamic Personalization with No-Code Machine Learning

Cortex allows you to take your existing customer data and automatically use it to create Machine Learning Pipelines, all through a no-code interface. Work more closely with your Data Teams to quickly and easily create predictive segments and personalized content recommendations, and increase the engagement and ROI of your campaigns.

Drive Additional Conversions with Uplift Modeling

Marketers have countless tools and strategies that can be deployed to influence customer behavior, but how can you be sure which strategy works best for each customer? Uplift Modeling is the most impactful technique for Marketers and removes the guesswork by predicting the expected increase in conversion likelihood based on each strategy.

Predict Customer Segments with Look-Alike Modeling

Machine Learning can give Marketers a leg up by using Look Alike targeting to automate customer segmentation. This allows you to find more customers that look like your best performing customers and personalize the outreach to each.

Predict Customer Behavior

Cortex uses past customer behavior to predict future behavior. With this information, Marketers can make more informed decisions about which campaigns to run to get the best results for each user.

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Machine Learning for Any Customer Interaction

Data Teams

Empower the customer facing teams to increase ROI and engagement with automated Machine Learning that is integrated into your workflow.

Marketing Teams

Increase engagement with predictive segmentation and maximize campaign ROI with prescriptive Uplift Modeling.

Product Teams

Use Dynamic Decisioning to increase conversion rates and content recommendations to keep customers engaged.

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