Dramatically Increase the Efficacy of your Outbound Communications

Team up with advanced machine learning decisioning technology to increase the efficacy of your outbound marketing. Enable next-best-action, next-best-offer, prescriptive modeling, and advanced user segments through a set of powerful tools within Cortex. Native integrations with dozens of marketing platforms enables you to quickly operationalize the technology across channels.

Next-Best-Action, Next-Best-Offer, and Dynamic Decisioning

Prescriptive machine learning technology (like Uplift Modeling) enables your team to make the best decisions for every user at every step of the user journey. Next-best-action and related techniques can increase conversions by 3x+ over more traditional heuristic approaches. In addition, layering in real-time data can further increase conversions by 40%.

Read a case study here around increasing conversions by 3x with flyout campaigns.

Advanced User Segmentation

User segments power a variety of outbound marketing communications. Machine learning enables your team to build more advanced segments which are directly targeted to conversion goals. Cortex exposes a variety of modeling techniques ranging from traditional look-alike models to classification, regression, and prescriptive uplift modeling. Using more advanced segmentation technology brands can see increases in conversions by 400%.

Read how one business used conversion-based segments to increase CTR by 43%.


Prebuilt Marketing Integrations

Cortex is focused on consumer data machine learning and as a result has dozens of integrations with marketing platforms for both ingesting data and activating the machine learning decisions. Our goal is to make it straight-forward for your team to quickly realize the value of your machine learning efforts.

Learn more about our integrations here.


The Largest Global Brands Trust Vidora

Real-Time Machine Learning Decisioning for Customer Data

Data Teams

Deploy and monitor advanced models at massive scale. Leverage automated pipelines, tailored SDKs, and dozens of consumer technology integrations.

Marketing Teams

Power outbound marketing with advanced machine learning decisioning to maximize ad revenue and marketing ROI.

Product Teams

Leverage real-time data to drive next-best-action and dynamic decisioning onsite and increase conversions and engagement.

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