Activate your Content and User Data

Media companies have access to increasing amounts of data on content and user consumption as they transition to digital. With Cortex, media companies can quickly transform that data into incremental revenue. Cortex is used by media companies to drive new subscriptions, prevent existing subscriber churn, and increase customer loyalty through personalized experiences.

Increase New Subscriptions

New users are the life-blood of your business. Increase users through Cortex by personalizing paywalls, re-engaging lapsed users, identifying user cohorts to up-sell, and customizing user experiences.

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Personalized Content and Offer Recommendations

Transform user behavior and user attributes to optimized content recommendations and personalized offers. Increase engagement, decrease churn, and increase user loyalty by giving customers exactly what they want.

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The Largest Global Brands Trust Vidora

Machine Learning for Your Team

Marketing Teams

Personalize every customer outreach by predicting the best Channel, Time, Message, Recommendation, etc.

Product Teams

Optimize the Customer Experience for each user to increase engagement and loyalty

Data Teams

Unlock the hidden value of your data and streamline data workflows to empower business teams

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