Personalized Experiences for Every User

The data generated by digital media consumers allows companies to tailor experiences to each individual. Cortex automatically turns this data into AI predictions, reducing the time it takes to create predictions by 90% and resulting in a 5% decrease in churn rate.

Improve Customer Conversions

Better understand non-subscribers behavior and predict if they will eventually become a customer. Customize offers to increase the likelihood of conversion with Cortex.

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Personalized Recommendations

Use the behavior and interactions from each customer to recommended articles and videos they should visit next. Increase engagement while giving customers exactly what they want.

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Machine Learning in Media

Common Media Use Cases

  • Predict & prevent subscriber churn
  • Increase conversions from free to paying users
  • Proactively identify high value content
  • Predict optimal time of day to re-engage dormant subscribers
  • Personalize content recommendations across platforms in real-time

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Machine Learning for Everybody

Empower every member of your team to harness complex machine learning technology in a matter of minutes, wherever their technical expertise lies.



Product Managers

Data Analysts

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