“The Vidora platform and team is a pleasure to work with. Their team is deeply invested in our success as a business and laser-focused on how advanced machine learning techniques can yield the strongest business results.”


VP Technology Projects at New York Post

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“It takes a data scientist less than 30 minutes to create a new pipeline. Then, with our fully automated solution, the pipeline is activated within 24 hours.”


Head of Data Technology at News Corp Australia

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“… our business moves fast and we needed to make the technology available quickly across our teams. With Cortex, our team is able to build ML into our products in a matter of minutes, as opposed to months.”


Chief Data Officer at News Corp

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“We’re excited by the innovations we’re delivering in the video and live TV space and see Vidora as a strategic partner in helping us provide the best consumer experiences available on any device”

–  VP of Product, MobiTV (now Xperi)

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Unleash the Power of your Real-Time and Historical Data

The transition to digital means media companies have access to unprecedented amounts of user data. Cortex provides your team with real-time and batch machine learning tools to increase subscription conversions, build complex user segments for advertising and marketing, as well as increase onsite engagement. The result? More user engagement, less churn, and more loyal customers. Cortex is used by the largest global media organizations, processing billions of monthly events.

Increase Onsite Conversions Using Real-time Decisioning

New users are the life-blood of your business. Cortex provides your team with real-time onsite next-best-action and next-best-offer capabilities to convert anonymous, first-time, and recurring users to subscribers. Leverage personalized paywalls, offers, and discounts to increase paying subscribers with both historical and real-time data.

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Advanced User Ad and Marketing Segments

User segmentation is often critical for media companies in order to target users with personalized marketing or advertising. Media marketing and adtech teams are using Cortex to build thousands advanced segments across billions of events. With Cortex, teams have the latest technology at their disposal. This includes uplift modeling, real-time data, and down-stream conversion targeting. Here’s a case study of how News Corp Australia is leveraging Cortex to build hundreds of high-value ad segments and here is Towards Data Science article of how advanced ad segments can be created in Cortex.

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The Largest Global Brands Trust Vidora

Real-Time Machine Learning Decisioning for Customer Data

Data Teams

Deploy and monitor advanced models at massive scale. Leverage automated pipelines, tailored SDKs, and dozens of consumer technology integrations.

Marketing Teams

Power outbound marketing with advanced machine learning decisioning to maximize ad revenue and marketing ROI.

Product Teams

Leverage real-time data to drive next-best-action and dynamic decisioning onsite and increase conversions and engagement.