“Machine learning is a key component of how we create the best value for customers. Cortex allows us to quickly build accurate machine learning experiences to serve customers better.”

Chief Technology Officer at Nutrafol

Drive More Purchases

A main goal for commerce companies is increasing customer conversions. Cortex provides unique real-time decisioning technology to increase onsite and marketing conversions. Onsite conversions can increase by over 3x and leading retailers are increasing purchases by up to 400% while reducing the time it takes to create a machine learning decision by 25x.

Increase Onsite Conversions with Real-Time Machine Learning

Cortex provides your teams with tools to combine both real-time, in-session signals and batch historical data to build decisioning models which directly increase conversions – sometimes by over 3x. Real-time also enables you to optimally target first-time and anonymous users. If your team is looking for a premium solution designed to maximize the value of every customer data point, then consider Cortex and real-time decisioning.

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Decisioning to Increase Marketing Conversions

Enable your team with prescriptive decisioning models for outbound and onsite targeting of offers, discounts, and deals. Prescriptive models enable your team to understand the increase in conversions by offering deals to users and ultimately maximize the value of your marketing budget.

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The Largest Global Brands Trust Vidora

Real-Time Machine Learning Decisioning for Customer Data

Data Teams

Deploy and monitor advanced models at massive scale. Leverage automated pipelines, tailored SDKs, and dozens of consumer technology integrations.

Marketing Teams

Power outbound marketing with advanced machine learning decisioning to maximize ad revenue and marketing ROI.

Product Teams

Leverage real-time data to drive next-best-action and dynamic decisioning onsite and increase conversions and engagement.