Drive More Purchases With Less Work

Commerce companies have vast troves of data on their users and the purchase behavior of their users. Cortex helps transform this data into increased sales without having to worry about slow development times. No coding needed. Cortex has increases purchases by up to 400% for leading retailers while reducing the time it takes to create a prediction by 25x.

Increase Conversions and Purchases

Cortex can use billions of past online and offline behavioral events to predict the future purchasing behavior of each user.  Predict who will engage, what items customers will purchase, and through which channel the purchase will occur, all through a no-code interface.

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Personalize Offers and Marketing

Each customer will react differently to an offer or retail email. Your job is to decide what will drive the most conversions for each user. Use techniques like Uplift Modeling to increase offer conversions, email purchases, and engagement for each user.

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The Largest Global Brands Trust Vidora

Machine Learning for Your Team

Marketing Teams

Personalize every customer outreach by predicting the best Channel, Time, Message, Recommendation, etc.

Product Teams

Optimize the Customer Experience for each user to increase engagement and loyalty

Data Teams

Unlock the hidden value of your data and streamline data workflows to empower business teams

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