Today Vidora is happy to announce the completion of our integration with Segment!  Now, you can automatically forward your customer data in Segment to your Cortex account, and use that data to create Machine Learning Pipelines.  This makes it easier than ever for Marketing and Product teams to start realizing ROI from data science efforts. 

Integration Overview

Segment collects user events from your web & mobile apps and provides a complete data toolkit to every team in your company.  This provides a single view of the customer and allows you to integrate your data with numerous sources.  

  We are constantly looking for opportunities to help our customers maximize the value of their data. With Vidora’s advanced machine learning capabilities, customers can leverage data from Segment to build powerful predictive and prescriptive models in a no-code framework.   

Nick Rasines, Technology Partnerships Lead at Segment

Given that this is the same type of data that Cortex uses to automate Machine Learning Pipelines, completing this integration was a no-brainer as it provided the easiest way to enhance your existing Segment data with Machine Learning predictions.  

   Segment provides companies the ability to collect and organize user data, and we are excited to work closely with them to help our mutual customers drive the most value from their data. Automatically using data collected by Segment to power Cortex predictions provides Machine Learning capabilities to countless Marketing and Product teams who were not able to leverage the power of Machine Learning in the past.   

Alex Holub, CEO and Founder of Vidora

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