MobiTV Enables Personalized Premium Video Experiences



The Results:


user engagement


returning visitors

MobiTV (now Xperi)

MobiTV is a global leader in providing live and on-demand videos to any screen and on any device. MobiTV helps service providers reduce the time it takes for content to go to market and reduces the cost of deploying on multiple platforms.

For MobiTV, making the most of limited space on mobile devices in particular, in addition to engaging each user across video experiences is critical.  A key product consideration was looking for the best way to personalize the mobile premium video experience for each of their users.

By the end of the year we expect more than 75,000 on-demand and linear TV programs to be discoverable within our service, so personalization is critical.

- VP of Product, MobiTV (now Xperi)


50% of video usage today is on mobile phones and other mobile devices. On such small screens, every pixel counts. For MobiTV, engaging users is all about presenting the right content at the right time. 

Some of the pain points MobiTV wanted to address included – 


  • Personalizing the entire user experience for every subscriber to maximize engagement and return visits
  • Easy integration across all MobiTV distribution endpoints (mobile, tablet, TV, etc)
  • Utilizing all behavioral, user, and content data available to personalize the experience



MobiTV understands that maximizing engagement meant that one-to-one personalization would be a key product initiative. MobiTV leveraged Vidora behavioral APIs to send real-time behavioral information to Vidora Cortex. Behavioral data included user engagement events across devices. In addition, MobiTV provided Cortex with an ongoing live and on demand content library which was continually ingested and available for use by the personalization engine. Finally, MobiTV integrated Personalization API to drive machine learning decisioning around what content and consumer experiences to provide each user with in order to maximize key metrics like engagement and return visits.

We’re excited by the innovations we’re delivering in the video and live TV space and see Vidora as a strategic partner in helping us provide the best consumer experiences available on any device.


- VP of Product, MobiTV (now Xperi)

Business Value

MobiTV chose Vidora as their one-to-one personalization platform for the following reasons:


  • Integrating with Vidora’s Personalization APIs was simple and flexible including use cases like content recommendations, category recommendations, trending content, and similar content.
  • Cortex, as a flexible machine learning platform, was able to ingest all behavioral and content data to enable the highest performing personalized experience.
  • Vidora met strict requirements around scale and stability needed for premium video providers, including the ability to power hundreds of unique operators simultaneously
  • As MobiTV looks to expand the services it provides, Vidora has proven to be a great partner that innovates to meet ongoing requirements.



MobiTV puts users first and by leveraging Vidora’s machine learning decisioning, MobiTV has enhanced the consumer experience even further for each user. MobiTV and Vidora were successful in increasing key metrics like engagement and return visits using personalization technology. With Vidora’s machine learning decisioning tools, MobiTV is able to innovate quickly and provide the next generation of media consumption experiences to users globally.

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