Online Personalization Platform

Vidora is an advanced personalized marketing platform for content owners to maximize engagement and conversions in their applications. Our technology models content and users to enable the largest global content companies to have 1:1 relationships with users.

Personalize Video
Personalized recommendations to market
content in and outside of your app.
Predictive Models
Predictive intelligence to engage
users with the right content at the right time.
Audience Segments
Proprietary user taste models
to segment and market to each user.


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Vidora Technology

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Content Understanding

Vidora's technology ‘reads’ and understands content using advanced meta-data processing algorithms, speech-to-text technology, and natural language processing built by PhDs from the top global schools.

User Taste Models

Vidora creates sophisticated Taste Models for each user based on our models of content and user behaviors across website viewing, social cues, video engagement, and more. These models are used to drive engagement and conversions.
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All Types of Content

Vidora's unique technology works with any type of content, from video to audio to text. We model the content your users like so you can have a direct conversation with your users.
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Our Products


Integrate diverse user actions to engage customers with personalized apps, notifications, and more.


Predictive Intelligence

Vidora moves far beyond recommendations with state-of-the-art predictive intelligence algorithms to optimize your personalized marketing campaigns.

Audience Segmentation

Leverage unique technology to model and understand your customer's interests based on their actions in your app and web properties.


APIs and SDKs

Designed for Web and Mobile.

Our APIs and SDKs provide the tools to quickly optimize and gain insights for
web and mobile experiences. Integrate in hours. Check out Vidora's iPad video application
for just one of many examples of how you can begin personalizing your experience today.

Vidora is already working with the
largest global content, media, and consumer
electronic brands.

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