User churn is an issue that affects companies across the world. At Vidora we were fortunate to work with some great international partners on this issue, and some of our earliest partners included teams at Panasonic and GYAO/Yahoo! Japan. Working with some of the largest global companies comes with both its challenges and benefits.

Some of the challenges of working with large global partners include effectively negotiating time zone differences and communication channels. Both of these issues introduce organizational overhead. In addition, international companies can have varied expectations around areas ranging from product support to engagement dynamics.

That being said, the positives of working with strong international partners are huge. Firstly, working with international companies early in our evolution forced Vidora to create a more generalized and flexible product. Secondly, attracting and working with international customers validates a broader market size for our product. Finally, working closely with international companies allowed Vidora to learn about international technology trends and integrate those trends into our core product. And in some regions, notably APAC, technology trends like mobile usage have leapfrogged US domestic usage.

Presenting to Yahoo! Japan

Vidora recently had the privilege of presenting our AI-based product for churn prediction, understanding, and prevention at Yahoo! Japan to an audience of over 80 marketers, engineers, and product managers. The talk was an overview of how machine learning technologies can be applied at scale to solve user churn challenges for B2C companies. See above for a picture from our presentation.

Net-net our international partners are some of Vidora’s strongest and best relationships. It’s a thrill to be working with some of the most innovative global companies and we look forward to helping even more companies effectively manage their user churn and engage their users both domestically and abroad in the coming years.


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