At Vidora, we’re constantly looking to learn from and work with amazing data and machine learning engineers. Last Friday December 9th, we had the opportunity to speak with students in the GalvanizeU Master of Science in Data Science Program. There, we discussed the internship opportunities available at Vidora in 2017.

At Vidora, interning GalvanizeU students will have the opportunity to work with state of the art machine learning technology . To do so, they will be able to handle massive data-sets of billions of behavioral events. Interns will also help to predict customer behavior and understand the causes of customer churn and purchasing habits. This will help companies all over the world leverage machine learning to form the brain behind their businesses. They’ll have a front row seat to the latest innovations being made in the machine learning space to make ML easy and accessible to anyone in any organization, irrespective of their technical background.

Vidora enables anyone in any business to build and use complex machine learning models. With Vidora’s self-service platform, Cortex, machine learning is intuitive, interpretable and fast. Cortex automates the entire machine learning pipeline from raw data to model outputs. Developed by experts in machine learning and artificial intelligence from Stanford, Berkeley and Caltech, Cortex sits at the heart of some of the largest global brands, such as Walmart, News Corp, and Discovery.

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