Have you ever wondered what helps a company grow and thrive? What creates efficiency in a company, and what drives a successful product? It’s something that is at the very core of every company, much like rooted DNA. It’s culture!

At Vidora, we know culture is important and we like to have fun. Fun can include simple things, like team lunches or Friday Happy Hours. Whenever we can, we like to adventure outside of the city for beach hikes and delicious wine tastings. According to a recent study by the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick, “happiness makes people 12% more productive.” So we know that happy individuals creates a happy workplace and a more cohesive, highly functioning team.

 “Culture is how organizations do things” – Robbie Katanga

Recently, we had our first annual Chili and Foosball Tournament. Four sensational chilis to test, warm homemade bread, fresh veggies, and chocolatey confections. Our winner for the Chili Competition was Jessica. She cooked a delicious, slightly sweet, fiber-filled chili. Runner-up was Casey, with his smoky chipotle-covered pieces of hearty pork and beans. The others were great too, but you just had to be there.


After the Chili Competition, we moved on to our 1st Foosball Tournament, which turned out to be some sweaty, loud, nail-biting fun. Not only does our team have some grade-A foosball champs, but we also have some folks who strategically plan their every move – not surprising for a group of PhDs and engineering-superstars. When the tournament dwindled down to the final two, Emmett and Nadia took the gold medal home, with Phil & Amelia trailing closely behind. The emotions were crazy and the air was intense; happiness and shouting, along with dreams bitterly shattered. We are keepin’ it real at Vidora, and it’s an amazing place to be.

We’re always looking for great coders and awesome sales whizzes, so if you’d like to join our next Chili and Foosball Tournament, be sure to check out our jobs page for more details. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the next tourney!

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