Vidora is excited to announce the expansion of our partnership with News Corp. News Corp is the world’s leading media, news, education and information services company. News Corp owns popular subscription brands like the Wall Street Journal and Barron’s. They also own a host of prominent online properties such as Fox,, and The Sun.

We have collaborated closely with many at News Corp over the years, including Paul Cheesebrough, News Corp’s CTO – and he spoke about the partnership. And he said, “…we believe big data and AI are critical to helping our business units make the best decisions around how to retain users and increase their engagement. As a result, our users benefit by having more personalized and compelling experiences. Vidora’s technology is using data and intelligence to increase revenues for some of our leading B2C brands.”

Vidora currently processes over 200 million behavioral events and signals everyday.  As a result, this enables us to scale with the largest brands in the world like Walmart, the Wall Street Journal, Discovery and Lionsgate.

It is important to keep pace with new customer requests and requirements. In order to do this, we continue to grow our suite of products to increase user engagement and maximize CLV.

As we grow, we’re excited to expand our existing relationships with some of the largest global brands. And we’re equally excited to help new ones increase the value of each of their users using machine learning.

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