For MobiTV, making the most of limited space on mobile devices and engaging each user is critical. The live and on-demand video provider was looking for a way to offer the next generation of online consumer experiences. And they found it through their partnership with Vidora.


MobiTV: User-Centric TV Everywhere

MobiTV is the global leader in providing live and on-demand videos to any screen, on any device. Their end-to-end over the top (OTT) platform has revolutionized how TV is consumed on phones, iPads and more. But it doesn’t just help service providers reduce the time it takes for their content to go to market. It also reduces the cost of deploying on multiple platforms.

With MobiTV, users are put first. This is thanks to the nimble, end-to-end managed service that gives True TV Everywhere experiences across screens, networks, platforms and operating systems.

The Business Situation: Making Every Pixel Count

50% of video usage today is on mobile phones and other mobile devices. And on such a small screen, every pixel counts. So for MobiTV, engaging users became all about showing them exactly what they wanted. As Vice President of Product, Fidel Zawde, said: “Our next generation over-the-top video service is focused on presenting the right content at the right time.”

But how do you show the right content to the right user, and in the right order? MobiTV understood that maximizing engagement meant that one-to-one personalization would be a must. And this was even more important on a platform such as mobile phones, where every pixel counts.

But it wasn’t just about personalization. MobiTV also operates on many systems, so easy integration is crucial to smoothly and successfully engaging the audience.

Vidora’s personalization engine was key here.

Vidora: 1:1 Personalization To Maximize User Engagement

Vidora believes that interactions between humans and computers can and should evolve. This relies on the power of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning. By doing so, Vidora helps companies of all shapes and sizes automatically build engaging customer experiences.

Vidora also enables any company to dynamically adapt website and mobile application. Layouts, menus, text, and content are now uniquely to each individual.

consumer experience

The Solution: Give Each User What They Want, Hassle-Free

MobiTV chose Vidora as their one-to-one personalization platform because:

easy integration

differentiated algorithms

innovate and optimize

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