It has been a pleasure being associated with ODSC for the past two years. ODSC is one of the world’s largest conferences on applied data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our CEO, Alex Holub, has delivered successful talks on the future of AI and Machine Learning in the ODSC West 2018 & 2019 Conferences (read his blog post here).

Following Alex’s highly rated talk in 2019, ODSC featured him in their review guide: Data Science Trends for 2020. This guide features quotes from select speakers from the ODSC conferences held across the globe. Alex mainly retrospects on 2019 and shares a preview into the data science trends of 2020.

Here’s a snapshot of what Alex had to say:

Alex's Quote


Vidora is working with some of the world’s largest businesses to make machine learning for anyone a reality. We always look forward to interacting with fresh faces and past customers to share the perks that Vidora offers to the world of machine learning. 

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