How to quickly adapt and personalize customer experiences based on rapidly changing market conditions with Vidora and MoEngage. Watch the short skim-inar below:

As we move into the fourth industrial revolution, the ability to unlock the power of AI for enterprises will separate the winners from the losers. Enterprises are facing one of the most challenging market environments since the 2008 financial crisis. Now more than ever, business teams need the ability to harness predictive insights to drive personalized experiences. A few things hold them back. 

Internal resource constraints 

For business teams, championing their case and jockeying for internal resources are major obstacles. Data teams often struggle to balance competing priorities with just a handle of qualified developers, data scientists, and product managers. It is not uncommon for AI projects to take much longer to design, develop, deploy, and test.  

Launch risk

Even with internal resources many AI projects never successfully see the light of day. Thus, hampering any ROI justifications to the C-suite. For 1 in 4 companies, half of all AI projects fail. Business units are arguably hesitant to take leaps with AI projects given the inherent risks of success.

AI domain knowledge

It can be daunting to drive an AI project independent of expert advisers who can help with evaluating data schemas and making recommendations on best practices for successful prediction pipelines.

Data silos and integrations

Many business teams have data silos, or data lakes. These are essentially multiple sources of disparate, sometimes unstructured data that need to be piped in, pre-processed, and consolidated in order to make predictions. This can present challenges to data workflow and quality that hamper business teams by presenting seemingly insurmountable obstacles to kickstarting AI initiatives.

AI-to-Action: A fully integrated solution that adapts quickly to market conditions

Vidora is laser focused on enabling business teams to continuously drive predictive insights without internal technical resources or shouldering launch risk. By automating the entire machine learning workflow, business teams can run multiple predictions and continuously launch, test, and evaluate ROI in a matter of days. 

With the new partnership, business teams can directly pipe predictions from Vidora into MoEngage. Customers will be able to drive more personalized experiences that optimize customer engagement and retention. 

The complete end-to-end solution ensures data workflows are automated and predictions can be setup, managed, and deployed within Vidora’s easy-to-use interface. The end result is a much richer set of data on user behavior, preferences, and actions that drive personalization and downstream ROI to the next level.

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