Vidora CEO Alex Holub featured alongside YouTube VP of Engineering Cristos Goodrow and Google CEO Sundar Pichai in an article about how to connect with customers. This wa by Senior Silicon Valley Correspondent to Variety magazine, Janko Roettgers. Janko examined how AI helps connect with customers. He discusses how to get the content best suited to customer tastes, improving their loyalty along the way. Here is an excerpt from the story:

YouTube parent Google has identified AI as a key part of its business going forward, with Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently telling journalists at a press event that the shift to AI is as fundamental as the invention of the web or the smartphone.

“We are at a seminal moment in computing,” Pichai believes. “We are evolving from a mobile-first to an AI-first world.”

Alex Holub, CEO of San Francisco-based AI startup Vidora, also agrees. “In the next three to five years, every business will have an AI engine at its center,” he says.

Read the full article from Variety here.

Overall, for media companies, reducing churn is critical. For example, by improving customer retention by just 5% with AI, you can increase profits anywhere from 15-95%. And that’s a big deal. Vidora is already using AI to help some of the largest global media services minimize churn.


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